In the Night Farm…Your Ride is Here.


Take Two

Sandstorm’s 2009 filly by Insider was supposed to move to Oregon last summer.  The product of a commissioned breeding, she was guaranteed a good home before she was born.  But you know how it is.  Life gets in the way, and much to the intended owner’s dismay, the sale fell through.

Fortunately, the filly had caught another pair of eyes:  Ironman’s.  Which means that she will remain here at In the Night Farm.  Which makes me very happy.

Incognito, 2009 Barb filly (Insider x Sandstorm) with owner Michael Ensch

Formerly called Inara, this lovely filly has been rechristened Incognito (Nito for short).  I’m guessing she’ll shed out grulla roan, with a copper sheen and perhaps even corns like her sire’s.  Her thick mane is already long enough to touch the point of her chest.  Better yet, she’s courageous, smart, rational, and curious — and I have the privilage of serving as her head trainer.

The bad news?  Working with this Insider baby makes me want one of my own!