In the Night Farm…Your Ride is Here.

Barb Stallions

While I no longer keep Barb breeding stock, these pages remain for those who seek more information about these fine horses. If you have questions, I may be able to put you in touch with other sources of these bloodlines.

INSIDER 2000 purple roan stallion (Idaho Night Hawk x Chispa) — Insider was sold and stood for a season in the Wisconsin/Michigan area before he was lost to a tragic pasture accident.

When we brought him home in 2005, Insider was the only son of Idaho Night Hawk, who was by the striking stallion Versado in a line that goes back to Smoke Balleau and Chief Pushmataha.  His dramatic, Baroque style attracted admiration from many corners of the Spanish Colonial-influenced horse community.

At about 13.3, Insider was the biggest little horse we knew.  As anticipated, his get inherited his broad forehead, big bone, short back, round movement, athleticism, and intellect — not to mention his fairytale mane.  All these characteristics, together with his confident yet tractable demeanor, are blossoming in his two fillies (ID and CO) and one colt (MI).

Insider is available for live cover only, here at In the Night Farm in SW Idaho.  Unlike most stallions, he was raised in a herd and knows how to treat a mare.  We’re keeping his 2013 stud fee low at $300 because we’d really like to see more of this bloodline preserved.


TUETANO 2002 bay roan stallion (Fuego x Quieta) — Tuetano is sold and now stands in Texas.

Like all Fuego offspring, Tuetano has his sire’s stamp all over him.  Though he has not yet been bred, we suspect he’ll be equally prepotent. His first foal was born in 2015, and a larger crop is expected in 2016.

“Tano” is on the large side for a Barb, standing about 15 hands with lots of bone.  He is a big, classy mover with an endearing personality.  Though he has little training, the little work we have done with him reveals a kind, shy nature with a healthy dose of playful curiosity.





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