In the Night Farm…Your Ride is Here.

Coming Unscrewed

Acey wore her Easyboot Back Countries for another, brisk, 8-mile ride yesterday.  Having learned my lesson last time, I tightened all the screws that attach the gaiters to the shells. 

We had no problems at all with the boots during the ride, but I dismounted at home to discover that, once again, the front two screws (the “Power Strap” section) had come completely loose on the left front.  I’m amazed that we haven’t managed to lose a single screw or washer yet!

I know Easycare tests their products thoroughly, and they apparently haven’t encountered this issue — at least, not frequently enough that it required a manufacturing change.  I suspect Acey’s boots are being subjected to a greater-than-normal amount of vibration because they really are on the outside edge of the sizing flexiblity. 

My plan is to take Funder’s suggestion of applying some Loctite Threadlocker.  I was concerned about the idea at first because I didn’t want to preclude my ability to replace shells or gaiters, but Loctite’s website claims that the Threadlocker bond can be broken using hand tools.  I reckon it’s worth a try.


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